Easy access at all times

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, the White Stand Mixer won’t require hours in the gym for you to be able to move it around. Wave goodbye to lugging a heavy piece of kitchen equipment out of storage when you want to bake something brilliant.

Your powerful patisserie pal

The orbital mixing action and 800w motor ensure everything in the 4L mixing bowl are thoroughly combined for perfect, lump-free results every time. Your cake batter will be whipped into shape in no time.

Magnificent mixtures, clean kitchens

No more painting your walls in a new shade of cake batter due to a mixer mishap, the White Stand Mixer comes with handy splash guard so you can keep an eye on the process without giving yourself a huge clean up job.

Simple to assemble and built to last

Assembling an appliance shouldn’t be a complicated task requiring a full toolkit and a PhD in engineering, which is why we’ve made this one extra simple to put together. Not only easy to assemble, our mixers are robust, sturdy and built to last.

Take the ache out of baking

Perfectly creamed butter and sugar, or textbook stiff peaks - without the dead arm.

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