Shower power

Unlike some designs which leave the edges of your grounds untouched, our pour over shower head effectively disperses water over all the grounds, which means you maximise the rich flavour for an evenly brewed cup.

Copious cups of coffee

The Verve Coffee Machine has a 1.8L capacity, holding up to 12 cups of coffee at once so it's perfect for large families, groups or even workplaces. But if you don't need quite as much, it'll automatically adjust the brew strength down for small volumes, so your coffee's always on point.

How you want it, when you want it

The Verve’s versatile programming means you can wake up to a freshly-brewed pot of coffee every morning. And whether you want a ferocious injection of caffeine or a lightly-brewed pick-me-up, the strength selector tailors to your taste.

Coffee and a cupcake (filter)

The unique cupcake shaped filter allows even coverage of the coffee, avoiding the over and under-extraction common with cone shaped filters. It can be used with or without additional disposable filters.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee, literally. Whatever time you rise, do it to the richest roast or the smoothest brew - however you like it.

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