A brew, brisker

Is your old kettle taking an age to boil? The only thing slower than a watched kettle is drying paint - but thanks to its 3kW rapid boil element, the Verve Kettle will race through your refreshment breaks. And at 1.7L, it can handle up to six drinks at once.

A smart cookie

Not only does the Verve Kettle have an ergonomically designed ring-pull handle for easier refill, there's also a removeable limescale filter built into the spout. So your easier-than-ever cuppa now tastes better than ever too.

Kit and caboodle

The Verve Collection's subtle but intricate pattern is a great way to add design interest to the more functional items in your kitchen. Pair with the matching kettle and pour-over coffee machine for a look that says you've got it all together.

Water window and it lights up for dark mornings

An easy view water window lets you see how full your kettle is, to avoid over- or under-measuring your water. And it lights up - because even on the darkest winter mornings, we're here for you.

How do you take your tea in the morning?

From a mug of builder's brew to a delicate Earl Grey - this is a kettle for every cup.

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