Get the most out of your toast

Whether you like your toast to be charred black or whether you prefer it to be essentially just warm bread, the variable browning controls will let you get the perfect finish on your slice every time.

Reaching great heights

The Auto High Lift function pops your toast out of the toaster with enough height that it can be easily lifted out, so you’ll never again have to lecture someone over breakfast about never sticking a fork in the toaster.

Hit that snooze button

Forget about setting your alarm early so you can wake up in time to defrost a couple of slices, the Verve toaster can take on frozen loafs direct from the freezer, giving you a blissful extra 15 minutes of sleep.

Ooh, pretty lights!

The illuminated buttons are a snazzy feature that adds a touch of futuristic class to your new toaster, what’s more, they’re ideal for toasting yourself a midnight snack in the dark without waking the rest of the house.

Avo on sourdough, or doorstep slices spread with marmalade? Few things make us happier than toast.

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