Who’s for a brew?

There’s nothing worse than turning up to a family function and waiting your turn to be served weak tea from a slow kettle. With its 1.5L capacity and powerful 3kW element, you can rapidly boil enough for six drinks in one go to keep everyone refreshed.

The cleanest of kettles

“This just tastes a bit… off.” That’ll be the limescale. Older kettles collect significant limescale build up that becomes instantly noticeable for experienced tea drinkers. The Venture’s easy-to-use, removable limescale filter keeps your kettle looking pristine and your cuppas tasting delicious.

Always in style

Sometimes you simply can’t beat the classic designs. With its timeless pyramid silhouette and vintage finish, the Venture Kettle won’t look out of place in any kitchen, bringing a sense of abiding style to even modern décor.

Keeping an eye on your kettle

The easy view window lets you fill your kettle to the precise point required, getting you a reliably accurate number of drinks and cutting down on waste. What’s more, it enables you to watch the water as it boils. And as we all know, the more intensely you watch it, the faster it boils. That’s just a fact.

Eyes on the prize

They say a watched kettle never boils, but staring intently at one is a great way to hint to everyone else in the room that you'd like a cup of tea...

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