More power?

Running at a punchy 55g/min steam output, if you need a little steam boost you can expect a huge 200g/min shot from this model in our most powerful range of steam irons ever. We call it turbo for a reason.

Digital controls

We've added digital controls to this model, so you can easily switch between auto, max and temperature modes - choose between fabric type or a simple three-dot system to control how hot your soleplate runs.

It shuts off, you switch off

To keep you and your family safe at home, we added an automatic shut-off feature to turn off your iron after eight minutes of disuse. So even if you forgot to turn it off, we've got your back.

Laundry time

To know exactly when and whether to refill your water reservoir, we added a fill level guide in minutes remaining rather than millilitres. Because that's just good sense.

Full steam ahead

Take on tough-to-tackle creases with confidence - you're the real Iron Man now.

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