Maximum output

Heating up in just 45 seconds, you get 40g/min constant steam output for a steady ironing pace while Intellitemp does the thinking for you. Then when you need a bit of welly, switch from Intellitemp to Max mode and soar through your load with a huge 200g/min steam boost.

All our best features

As if Turbosteam being our most powerful steam iron range ever wasn't enough - we've added digital controls, a max mode and the genius of Intellitemp. Don't worry about switching settings for different fabrics, and we guarantee no garment burns ever. That's more than an iron - that's happiness, engineered.

Automatic peace of mind

What could you be doing with the time you spend worrying if you switched off the iron...? Wonder no more, as our automatic shut-off feature will power down your iron after eight minutes of disuse.

Time for a refill?

Sick of not knowing when you need to refill your iron, or dumping out leftover water at the end of a session? We've rewritten the rules and designed our water gauge by 'minutes remaining' for easy, intuitive ironing.

The best of the best

It's here: the most powerful steam iron we've ever made. And trust us on this one - we've made a lot of irons.

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