Easy as pie

The innovative design moves the motor under the bowl to provide an open top design, so you don't have to turn it off to add ingredients. Changing attachments, removing the bowl and using the controls have been made as simple as possible, so you can get straight on with your baking and forget about memorising complex instructions.

Space saving superstar

We realised there was something wrong with traditional stand mixers. They can be bulky, heavy, difficult to manoeuvre and time-consuming to use. So we engineered a better one. It's specifically designed to fit into standard kitchen cupboards, or slot under them on a countertop. That's just using your loaf.

Precision for your pastry

The mixing attachments feature a dual-rotation mechanism that revolutionises the way mixers work, delivering double the action and whipping your mixture into shape in half the time. There's no need to scrape down the sides of the bowl, because we've included a dual scraper attachment you can use with the whisks or beaters to ensure every last gram of your mixture is fully incorporated.

No more lost thinga-me-bobs

Every one of Mixstar's cleverly engineered accessories has been designed to store neatly inside the bowl, under the dust cover. So your appliance stays clean, nothing goes astray and you don't need to scrabble around at the back of the cupboard for the one attachment you really need.

A star is born

The mixer that's designed to be put away, but doesn't take half your cabinet space with it. That's smart.

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