Soup for everybody

The brushed metal finish, matt black and pops of orange make this soup maker a stylish accessory in any kitchen. At 1.6L capacity, it's enough for four servings at once, so it's perfect for families or meal prepping.

Easy pea-sy

Simply add your diced ingredients (or buy pre-chopped - we won't tell) and liquid to the jug, choose your desired consistency and the soup maker will start bubbling away. The LED counter will tell you how long's left, so you can get buttering your bread to go alongside it.

Easy clean up

The built-in Clean Mode makes it easy to keep your soup maker sparkling clean, and the compact design is easy to store away neatly in kitchen cupboards - even for smaller spaces.

Pause, unpause

The handy pause function means you can power down the blades, remove the lid and add seasoning, cream, herbs or spices before popping the lid back on and the programme picks up exactly where it left off.

Variety is the spice of life (and soup)

Are you a leek and potato lady, or more of a mulligatawny man? Whichever way your crouton crumbles, the soup maker's got your back.

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