Trip the light fantastic

Get yourself in the right mood for a relaxing cuppa by gazing into the calming blue illumination as the kettle lights up. Feel your worries drift away as you focus on your brew, and add a touch of futuristic style to your kitchen.

A cup of char, chop chop!

Keep the cuppas coming with a 3kW rapid boil element to bring your kette to the boil faster. And the 1.7L capacity is enough to make six drinks at once, so even mammoth tea rounds are taken care of.

Top tasting tea

Get a leg up on limescale with the removeable filter built into the Illumination Kettle's spout design. It's perfect for hard water households, where your supply could be tainting the taste of your tea - terrible!

Not too much, not too little

Always over-filling your kettle? Keeping an eye on your electricity bills? The easy view water window helps you boil just enough - and no more - so you can cut back on wasted energy without cutting back on your tea breaks.

Tea's company?

C. S. Lewis wrote "tea should be taken in solitude". And we love a spot of solo self-care, but nothing beats a cup and a chat as far as we're concerned.

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