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Get creative

From buttery croissants to wholesome whole wheat, the 14 different bread making programmes give more than a bakers’ dozen worth of options. Even specialty baked goods such as malt loaf, corn bread and gluten-free recipes become a doddle with this simple-to-use system.

Fuss-free baking

You won’t need to be weighing out precise measurements or individually counting out grains, the Homebake Breadmaker comes with the exact measuring tools provided meaning you can wave goodbye to overbaked loaves and soggy bottoms.

Bread that rises when you do

Think freshly baked bread for breakfast means being up with the lark? Not any more - you can prepare your bake the night before and use the delay programme so that it's ready when you are.

Non-stick bread tin

It's nice when things do what they say on the tin - this is one of those times. The coated baking tin means your bread won't get stuck, and it's easy to clean for your next baking session.

The smell of success

They say the smell of freshly baked bread will help sell your house. But it has another upside: eating freshly baked bread.

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