The bees' knees

The on-trend honeycomb texture makes the Hive Kettle a stylish addition to your kitchen (pair with the matching toaster for top trend points). It doesn't sacrifice function for form, with a strong 3kW element for rapid boiling and 1.5L capacity.

In good taste

Nothing should mess with the flavour of your brew - not even your water supply. Which is why we've incorporated a removeable limescale filter into the Hive Kettle spout, to tackle the pesky scale build-up common in hard water areas.

Fantastic flip-free fill

No more splashing around at the sink or drenching your tea tray with spills. The Easy Fill System lets you top up directly from the tap without having to lift the lid, while the spout design gives you a more accurate and controlled pour.

Water windows to wow

A watched pot never boils, but a watched kettle boils just the right amount. With the easy view water window, you can cut down on wasted energy by only boiling what you need to.

Easy as one, two, three

Teabag. Water. Milk. We've debated this extensively in the office, and it's officially the correct way. No feedback, thanks.

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