A real crowd-pleaser

If there's one thing we know, it's the importance of a cuppa when you need it. So we've put rapid boil technology with a powerful 3kW element into the Equip kettle, as well as 1.7L capacity for six drinks at once, so you'll be the host with the most when it comes to the tea round.

An all-round winner

You can dock the Equip to its base from any angle, thanks to the clever 360-degree design. This means it's easy to use and great for left- and right-handers alike.

Hard water heartache

Up to 60% of UK households are in a hard water area, so we built a removeable limescale filter right into the spout of our Equip Kettle. So say "so long" to limescale, and "good day" to great-tasting drinks.

Nice and easy

The easy view water window shows you exactly how full your kettle is before you start boiling, so you'll never again boil more than you need, or realise you've been caught two shakes short of a tea round.

Put the kettle on, will you?

We take ours extra strong, with a splash of soy milk, two sugars, leave the bag in. And in our favourite cup, please. But only if you're offering...

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