A flavour game changer

The pour-over shower head bathes your coffee grounds in water, ensuring you get every ounce of that delicious rich flavour.

Bottomless cups

Sip coffee all day or turn your book club into a caffeine-fuelled salon thanks to the Equip’s whopping 1.2L capacity. Brew from 1-10 cups and the machine will adjust to optimum brew strength for smaller batches.

Cold coffee no more

Distracted between brewing and pouring? Don't worry - Equip comes with an automatic warm mode that will keep your coffee hot for 30 minutes.

A filter for full-on flavour

No more flapping around with finicky paper filters, the Equip’s reusable permanent filter provides an everlasting solution to your coffee filter quandaries, and less household waste than disposables.

But first, coffee

Some days, you just know it's going to be a three-cups-of-coffee day. Or four. We don't judge - we just make a coffee machine that can keep up.

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