You're in control

The perfect level of toastiness every time, even for the fussiest toast-eaters, with variable browning control.

Heat, reheat, eat

Never again eat a sad, forgotten toast slice cold, or re-toast it to beyond burnt. The clever reheat setting on our Equip Toaster allows you quickly get a slice back to its former glory.

Toast from frozen

Ever bitten into a slice that's still a touch frozen in the centre? That's no way to start your morning. With the defrost setting, toast straight from the freezer with confidence.

Tidy kitchen, tidy mind

Crumb spills and cord clutter getting you down? A removable crumb tray keeps mess to a minimum, and the cord tidy has your worktops clean and clear.

Are we cutting carbs?

Sure, if you mean a bagel slicer. Or carving some sourdough. Or cutting up crumpets, or— Well, we've made our point.

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