Synchronised steaming

With the Intellisteam mode, there’ll be no need to stagger your starters or let your mains get cold while waiting on other courses. Simply set the relevant food type for each compartment and it will ensure everything's ready at the same time.

A fine choice for any diet

The two individually controlled cooking compartments mean you can whip up a healthy, balanced meal all in one without any added oil or fats.

On repeat

You can save personalised cook times, so when you absolutely nailed the perfectly al dente carrots, just save those settings to the steamer's memory and you'll be able to recreate it over and over.

Compact and clutter-free

A neat little package that's perfect for smaller spaces, students and house shared. We’ve ensured this food steamer packs away in a single space-saving piece. All accessories store within the bowl and the plug and cord store underneath keeping it all compact.

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