Clear as day

With our award-winning Clarity Soup Maker, you can really see the difference. The transparent jug is made from Tritan plastic - as clear as glass but a fraction of the weight. So you can keep an eye on how things are shaping up, and get your consistency perfect.

A clean machine

Use the in-built Clean Mode to get your Clarity Soup Maker sparkling in as little as four minutes. It also features a non-stick coating, so you won't find yourself chained to the kitchen sink with a scrubbing brush after each use.

Over spill? It's over.

We've added a handy safety feature to make sure you can't overfill the Clarity Soup Maker. The overfill sensor will cut power to the serrator blade, stopping the machine in its tracks before you have to deal with spillage - so you can simply open it up, remove some ingredients and go again.

A warm welcome

The keep warm function on our Clarity Soup Maker will automatically keep your soup at a delicious temperature for half an hour after the programme finishes - so even if you're held up, you've got piping hot soup to look forward to.

Seeing clearly

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. And now that I have a crystal-clear soup maker.

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