In case of emergency

No more waiting around to get cleaning, the 12-in-1 Steam Mop heats up and is ready to use in just 30 seconds, making it perfect for quickly cleaning up spills, or when you get that last minute call from some impromptu guests.

The dirt-busting dozen

2-in-1? 3-in-1? Child’s play. Try 12-in-1 to tackle any surface, from hardwood to upholstery, without having to purchase multiple appliances. Here’s a complete list of all 12 for you: Hard floors, carpets, work surfaces, shower doors, tiles, grouting, ovens, hobs, BBQs, upholstery, taps, sanitary ware.

Two for one

It's a traditional steam cleaner and a hand-held in one. A push of a button easily switches you into hand-held mode to get into those hard-to-reach corners or focus on smaller surfaces, while the upright mode is ideal for mopping large surfaces or gliding over carpets with the carpet glide accessory.

Cleaning on easy street

The name of the game is ease of use with the 12-in-1 Steam Mop. The 380ml water tank capacity keeps your trips to the tap to a minimum, while the extra-long 5m cable means you’ll be able to clean a greater area without stopping to swap sockets.

Steam Mop, roll out!

Twelve in one! It's the Optimus Prime of the steam mop world and make no mistake - it'll transform your floors.

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